Lisa Loring Net Worth

Lisa Loring Net Worth – A Millionaire!

Actress Lisa Loring has a net worth of $127 million, which makes her a millionaire! The actress also has 2 children and a life-threatening addiction. Read on to find out more about her net worth. This article also discusses Lisa Loring’s personal life, which includes a life-threatening addiction and a history of relationships.

Actress Lisa Loring’s net worth is $127 Million$5 Million

Actress Lisa Loring is an American television personality who has an estimated net worth of $127 million dollars. She is a Hawaii native who became famous after playing Wednesday Addams in the TV series The Addams Family. Lisa is currently 61 years old and is still very active on the entertainment scene.

Lisa Loring has kept her personal life private. She has had several relationships but prefers not to discuss them publicly. However, when she is out in public, her relationship status is usually indicated as single. This can mean she is dating friends or exploring a more intimate relationship.

She has 2 children

Lisa Loring is a famous child actress. She started her career at the age of three. In the 1960s, television shows were in black and white. She married her childhood sweetheart at age 15 but they divorced the following year. After the divorce, she married another man and had two children, the oldest of which is now 21. She also had an unstable marriage, and later suffered from drug addiction. During this time, she became addicted to heroin.

She had a difficult childhood. Her parents divorced after she was born. Loring grew up in Hawaii, where her parents lived. Ultimately, she moved to Los Angeles and began modeling. She also developed a love for art and wrote poetry about her pet spider.

She has a life-threatening addiction

The actress and comedian, Lisa Loring, has a history of substance abuse. She turned to heroin to deal with the pressures of her marriage to Jerry Butler, which she described as toxic. As a result, she became addicted to the drug. In an interview with “Dateline NBC,” Loring revealed that she was an addict. In addition, she once tried to commit suicide during the tumultuous marriage.

Before turning to acting, Lisa Loring worked as a make-up artist and interior designer. She was also a child artist and modelled. In her early career, she played the youngest daughter, Wednesday Addams. The role earned her fame at a young age, and she continued to work as a child actor and model. Later, in the 1990s, she entered a rehab program. Since then, she has maintained a low profile.

She has dated Paul David Seiderman

The actress has been linked to several men, including adult film actor Paul David Seiderman. He has a history of substance abuse. During his marriage to Jerry Butler, Loring began abusing heroin. In fact, she became so addicted to the drug that she tried to kill herself. After that, her marriage with Foumberg ended.

Loring is an American actress. Her most famous role was that of Wednesday Addams on the classic TV show The Addams Family. She was born in Hawaii to a military family. She grew up in Hawaii and later moved to Los Angeles with her mother.

She was married to Doug Stevenson for a year

Lisa Loring was married to Doug Stevenson in 1981, and the couple divorced three years later. She then married adult film star Jerry Butler, who she met while working as a makeup artist. The couple had two daughters. After the divorce, Loring went on to marry Graham Ritch, but they only lasted a year, and it is unclear if they are still together.

Lisa Loring was born on 16 February 1958, in Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. Her first marriage was to Farrell Foumberg, a man she met when she was a toddler. She married him again the next year and divorced him a year later. She later got married again to actor Doug Stevenson, who had been a contract performer on CBS/Proctor & Gamble soap opera Search for Tomorrow.

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