Louisiana Albino

A Guide to Louisiana Albino Mushrooms

If you want to grow your own mushrooms, you might be interested in Louisiana Albino. The White Queen is the most popular, but you can also grow Carpophores. Here is a short guide to Louisiana Albino mushrooms. You can find them at most pet stores across the US and Canada. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of this species. It can also be found in Australia and other countries.


This mushroom can be easily identified by its bright white caps in Louisiana. They have shorter stems and require little natural light to grow. The larger caps to stems ratio means a higher potency and a more intense high. People who have tried this mushroom have reported having a strong energy boost and a mild body high. They are best used in small doses, and do not require a large amount of natural light to grow.

The spores of the species Mucor piriformis are the most abundant and produce the largest mycelium. Mucor circinelloides produces the most abundant carpophores in Louisiana albino. Its spores have dark gray columellae and are dark gray in color. The Tmax of this species is lower than the Tmax of Mucor lusitanicus. It produces patches of mycelium with irregular edges and a distinct look.

The size of the zygospores correlates with the height of ornamentation. Interformae crosses and intraformae crosses show no significant differences. Interformae crosses showed that PS 14 and 15, which had similar zygospore sizes, had similar ornamentation. PS 14 and 15, mate with all other formas. PS 4 and 6 and PS 11 didn’t form zygospores.

This species is closely related to M. circinelloides, although it differs in its zygospores. These two species do not share geographic boundaries. Molecular identification is the best method for species recognition. It can also be used to identify the source of the disease in the Louisiana albino which is caused unidentified agent. The genetic differences between the two species are largely due to differences in the aetiological agent, which affects the disease.

Carpophores are a strain of louisiana albino

This subtropical climate is ideal for many species of mushrooms, including Louisiana Albino Magic Mushrooms. Unlike PF Albino, however, Louisiana Albino is quite rare and very few mycologists have been able to produce enough spores to grow it in cap culture. Louisiana Albino is a bright white, large-capable, and requires very little light to grow.

This variety is naturally pigmented, hence the name Louisiana Albino. It is a cross of Psilocybe Cubensis with Golden Teachers and has the appearance and characteristics of both parents. It is part of the psilocybe Cubensis family because of its unique, spindly shape.

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