Lucas Botkin Net Worth

Lucas Botkin Net Worth

Lucas Botkin is one of the most beloved personalities on social media, boasting massive followings across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This worldwide recognition has allowed him to earn considerable earnings through YouTube videos thanks to his hard work and dedication; in turn he has received various awards in recognition for his achievements.

Though famous, he remains humble and kind. He remembers where he came from and works alongside his family to assist others. With an infectious sense of humor that has made people laugh for decades now, this immensely talented individual has achieved much since starting his career.

His early roles included Blifil in Tom Jones and Hamlet for the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon in 1965; later at Aldwych Theatre it transferred. Later still, he appeared as Sir Andrew Aguecheek in Twelfth Night and Julian in Tiny Alice at same theatre.

He appeared in three episodes of A&E’s television adaptation of C. S. Forester’s Hornblower series as well as in various horror films such as 1976’s The Omen, 1979 thriller Nightwing and 1988 cult classic Waxwork. Additionally he portrayed Konstantin Treplev in Sidney Lumet’s 1968 adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s Sea Gull while Reverend Joshua Duncan Sloane from Sam Peckinpah’s The Ballad of Cable Hogue.

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