Man Pushes Would Be Suicide Jumper

An internet sensation has emerged from the man who pushed a suicide jumper off a bridge. The man who pushed him was a retired soldier, Lai Jiansheng, who was annoyed by the man’s continuous attempts to jump. He had waited for five hours before the would-be suicide jumper could jump, which caused traffic to halt for hours. Since April, there have been at least 12 attempts on the bridge, and police have tried to talk them into not taking their own lives.

It is not uncommon for such an incident to occur. One recent incident was where a man pushed a would-be suicide jumper from the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Bridge. This bridge is located between the cities of North Vancouver. Kevin Falcon, Transportation Minister, stepped in to assist Chen as he pushed him off the bridge. Mr. Lian offered the man his help after he saw the man in distress threatening suicide.

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