Marc Ecko Net Worth

Marc Ecko Net Worth

Marc Ecko has amassed an astonishing net worth estimated to be somewhere around $120 Million. Marc has worked diligently and sets an incredible example for young people; furthermore he has engaged in charitable causes that benefit both himself and society as a whole. Marc has made great strides in his professional endeavors while living his best life!

Ecko Unlimited, located in New York City, was established by American entrepreneur Ecko Unlimited to offer urban lifestyle accessories. Additionally, Complex magazine became one of the most acclaimed men’s magazines upon its debut in 2002 and his fortune has since been amassed through successful career and business ventures.

Ecko was born in Lakewood, New Jersey in 1972 to a middle-class family and quickly displayed an interest in art and design at an early age. While attending high school he started designing and manufacturing his own T-shirts before enrolling at Rutgers University to study pharmacy before leaving after three years to focus on his clothing line known as Ecko Unlimited; which featured pieces influenced by hip hop culture as well as skateboarding culture that became widely popular with young people.

At just 21 years old, he had already amassed an extensive following and begun selling his merchandise through various retail outlets. Together with Seth Gerszberg he founded his own label which quickly expanded into a multimillion-dollar enterprise that soon became household names.

Today, this brand is sold worldwide and stands out in both fashion and entertainment circles. Furthermore, its designer has expanded into multiple businesses such as publishing houses and fashion magazines – as well as authoring his book ‘Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out’ about creating profitable yet authentic brands.

He is also actively engaged in numerous philanthropic initiatives, supporting endangered rhinoceros populations as well as children worldwide who need help. Furthermore, he co-founded Sweat Equity Education as a non-profit organization which assists urban youth.

Ecko has been married to Allison Rojas, with whom he resides in Bernardsville, New Jersey with their three children for over 20 years now.

He enjoys an excellent relationship with both of his siblings – two twin brothers and a sister, all close – as well as his parents. Additionally, this entrepreneur is extremely positive and always sees the bright side of things; his positive energy serves as an inspiration to many and his enthusiasm for music and family are unparalleled.

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