Marilyn Bonachea Net Worth

Marilyn Bonachea Net Worth

Marilyn Bonachea was raised in New York City but relocated with her family to Miami in 1971 where she began working at Salvador “Sal” Magluta’s Jewish-Cuban bakery. Though initially disinterested in dating him, Sal eventually convinced Marilyn to date him but their relationship quickly unravelled after discovering he was seeing other girls too – yet ultimately Marilyn helped catch him and resulted in 200 years prison for him for his crime.

According to Netflix’s recent docuseries Cocaine Cowboys, Magluta and Sheila first met one summer in 1971 while she was working at her parents’ Little Havana bakery. At first, she declined giving him her phone number but eventually gave in after several insistent phone calls from him and agreed to give one number at a time over several weeks – though initially disliking Magluta at first, his charm convinced her that she couldn’t resist falling for him!

As she suspected that he may be involved with criminal activities, she ended their relationship as she discovered that they were running an illicit cocaine empire with Willy Falcon that made millions by trafficking tons of drugs into Miami.

After their separation, she moved to Florida where she still resides today and works as a consultant.

According to her Linkedin profile, she graduated from University of Miami with both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in speech communication from which she serves primarily as public speaker, coach and consultant.

She is widely revered, boasting thousands of fans and followers on her social media accounts. Additionally, she has been showcased in several TV programs and documentaries.

Many have wondered about her net worth; unfortunately, there’s no clear answer. While she has made considerable profits throughout her career, it can be hard to ascertain exactly how much has been saved up or generated from investments.

Bonachea appears to be doing quite well financially despite her long stay in Witness Protection. A graduate from University of Miami, she now resides in Florida and works as a consultant. At 65, Bonachea is widely respected professional in her field.

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