Mark Pavelich Net Worth

Mark Pavelich Net Worth – $8 Million

Mark Pavelich Net Worth Is Estimated Between $1 Million- $8 Million. Mark is an internationally acclaimed hockey player who has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 Million- $8 Million over his professional life. Known for his exceptional playing abilities and extensive team affiliations during his tenure, Pavelich holds numerous accolades to his name and currently works at an asset management company located in Chicago as a director position.

Pavelich grew up on Ely Lake near Eveleth, Minnesota. His father worked as a carpenter, keeping the family close to nature. Pavelich skated on Ely Lake or an outdoor rink a quarter mile away every day for hours at temperatures sometimes dropping below zero; his game focused on technique, speed and passing similar to that of Bobby Orr – his childhood hero and skating icon.

Pavelich made waves as an amateur hockey player on the 1980 Olympic team that stunned Soviet Union at Lake Placid, N.Y. He earned fame on that team thanks to a no-look pass while falling that helped captain Mike Eruzione score the winning goal and electrify America – yet Pavelich never enjoyed being in the public eye and preferred spending his free time in his Minnesota cabin or traveling up north where his sister Jean Gevich and himself acquired land next door to their mother’s home in 1994.

Land surrounding Deeryard Lake was comprised of wooded single-lane roads and miles of lakes, such as Deeryard Lake and Long Lake, within reach of Canada and offering opportunities for fishing, hiking or swimming ice fishing, hiking trails and hunting and fishing club membership for its family members. Kara Burmachuk, Pavelich’s wife described him as someone who appreciated spending time outdoors among friends in Northern Minnesota.

After winning Olympic gold, Pavelich returned to Europe where he played for H.C. Lugano and Dundee Rockets before making his NHL return with New York Rangers, later moving on to Minnesota North Stars and San Jose Sharks before selling his Olympic gold medal two years after Kara’s untimely death at their cabin.

Pavelich struggled throughout his professional athletic career with anxiety and depression, mental illness and multiple traumatic brain injuries which lead to drug abuse and alcoholism. Despite this success as an athlete, he struggled with these emotions resulting in drug addiction and alcoholism as a result of these problems. He ultimately committed suicide at Eagle’s Healing Nest, an adult residential treatment facility in North Sauk Centre, Minnesota a few months later – at age 63. His funeral services took place Tuesday in Duluth, Minnesota and Lake View Cemetery was where his body lay to rest. Dave Pavelich was one of the founders of Eagle’s Healing Nest community and donated $50,000 in his name.

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