Mate Rimac Net Worth

Self Made Billionaire – Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac is a self-made billionaire with a company that manufactures electric vehicle innovation for some well-known brands. A dedicated worker, his hard work has served to inspire younger entrepreneurs. His success has allowed many others to pursue their goals and realize them.

He was born and raised by his mother Zdenka and father Ivan, both successful business people in their own fields. From an early age he had an avid passion for cars and technology; often spending his free time playing with them in his garage as well as creating various inventions to increase his skillset. Additionally, he regularly participated in local and national competitions for electronics & innovation competitions where he often won multiple prizes.

At 21, he traveled to Geneva for the auto show with hopes of meeting Christian Koenigsegg – his hero and inspiration. When he approached his booth and introduced himself, he then described his own company’s plans and shared some information with Koenigsegg – whom was very impressed by these plans and offered him a position within their company.

Mate Rimac, the Croat who launched an electric hypercar called Nevera and made waves in the electric car industry with it, has had an exciting couple of months. Recently he announced a partnership with Bugatti and has been touring around America meeting customers who could soon be driving his Nevera vehicle as well as potential cab drivers who might take one on themselves in future.

Rimac Motors remains relatively small when compared to the massive corporations that dominate the automotive world, employing approximately 2,000 people and boasting investors such as Porsche, Hyundai-Kia and Asia’s battery-focused Camel Group as investors. Furthermore, this firm also manufactures and provides electric powertrain systems to other carmakers.

Mate has set his sights on becoming the global leader in high-performance electrical drivetrains for supercars from leading automakers. Rimac Automobili would become an essential supplier to ensure success of this ambitious goal.

Bugatti will aid him in reaching his goal, expanding its market reach significantly while producing vehicles to cater to more consumers and increasing revenue exponentially.

It will be fascinating to witness Mate’s partnership with Bugatti over time. Not only will this put his team through rigorous tests, but it will demonstrate just how serious he is about business if he can deliver on all promises made – it would also give an indication as to whether Mate can compete with major manufacturers in the automotive sector.

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