Maxitrol Regulator

If you’re in the market for a new gas regulator, consider purchasing a Maxitrol regulator. These regulators are great for a wide variety of applications, and are built to last for a long time. This makes them a trusted option for commercial and larger residential installations, industrial spaces, and the enterprise market.

Maxitrol regulators feature heavy-duty components and can be customized for specific applications. They can be used with any type of gas, such as natural gas or LPG vapor, and are compatible with negative pressure applications. They also have adjustable water columns for specific gas types. This allows you to regulate the pressure at a specific point, and ensure that the appliance won’t break down.

The Maxitrol regulator 325 L series is a line pressure regulator that is certified for 2 to 5-PSI gas lines. This regulator can handle a variety of gases, including natural and manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and air-gas mixtures. You can use the Maxitrol regulator 325 L series in industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

The Maxitrol regulator has four screws to hold the bottom point on. Once you remove these screws, you will expose the bottom plate gasket and the valve stem. Once the regulator is open, you can adjust the flow to meet the needs of your equipment. This regulator also has a valve stem and arrows to indicate the flow direction.

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