Meaghan Rath Net Worth

Meaghan Rath Net Worth – How Much Does Meaghan Rath Earn?

Meaghan Rath is an accomplished actress with an extensive list of credits to her name, best known for playing Sally Malik on SyFy’s Being Human and Nicole Mullen in Secrets and Lies.

Meaghan hails from both Goan Indian and English/Austrian-Jewish parentage. At Dawson College she studied Cinema and Communication.

Early Life and Education

Meaghan Rath was born June 18th 1986 in Montreal Canada to parents who are of Goan Indian and English-Austrian Jewish ancestry. At Dawson College of Montreal she studied Cinema and Communications before dreaming of becoming an actress since childhood by participating in numerous acting workshops.

At first, she made headlines as Adena Stiles on Canadian television series 15/Love before appearing as Sally in Being Human, a series that follows ghosts, werewolves, and vampires living together under one roof.

She has also appeared in other television shows such as Rogue, Banshee and New Girl as well as Children Ruin Everything as its star. Most recently she gave birth to her baby near the end of summer 2021.

Professional Career

Meaghan Rath has made her mark through acting, appearing in numerous films and TV shows – most recently as May in New Girl.

She has excelled at both her professional and charitable endeavors. She is best known for her involvement with Make-A-Wish Foundation, helping children in need through her work. Additionally, she supports Project Limelight Society.

Meaghan enjoys many pursuits beyond acting, such as reading and hiking. She has amassed a strong social media following with pictures posted of herself at celebrity-studded events. Meaghan serves as an example to young actresses hoping to achieve greatness themselves; and hopes she continues to do well in her career.

Achievement and Honors

Meaghan Rath has established herself as one of the premier actresses in entertainment industry. Thanks to her acting skills and dedication, she has amassed an army of ardent followers worldwide. Meaghan has also made noteworthy contributions through charitable organizations like Make-A-Wish Foundation and World Wildlife Fund.

Meghan Rath first made her television debut in 2004 on Fries with That?, appearing in two episodes. Since then she has appeared in various movies like You Are So Undead and Three Night Stand.

Meaghan is best-known for her role as Tani Rey on Hawaii Five-0 and has also appeared as a guest star in Supergirl, New Girl and Secrets and Lies. Meaghan stands 5 feet 6 inches at 56 kg with beautiful dark brown eyes and hair that catch viewers’ eyes.

Personal Life

Meaghan Rath was born 18 June 1986 in Montreal, Canada and has had an interest in acting since she was young, participating in various acting workshops as a child. Additionally, she studied Cinema and Communications at Dawson College.

She made her acting debut in 2001 in the film ‘Lost and Delirious’ with an insignificant role, later going on to star in films such as ‘Three Night Stand’ and ‘You Are So Undead’.

She first gained fame after appearing as Sally Malik on the television series ‘Being Human’ in 2011. The show depicted three roommates: werewolf, vampire and ghost. Since 2011, the actress has been married to English husband Jack Cutmore-Scott with whom she shares one son.

Net Worth

Meaghan Rath has achieved immense fame through her acting career. She earns a significant sum annually; however, she prefers keeping the details of her financial matters confidential.

Beginning her career on ’18 to Life’ television sitcom in 2010, she gained recognition with an inconspicuous role on Canadian supernatural horror comedy-drama television series Being Human as soon as 2011.

Meaghan gained immense fame from her role in this show about three roommates who happened to be ghost, werewolf and vampire characters – Meaghan has gained quite an avid following since being cast as Meaghan on Ghost Whisperer!

Since then, she has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, most notably Rogue (an American crime drama series) and Hawaii Five-0 (an American TV show).

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