Merrill Osmond Net Worth

Merrill Osmond Net Worth

Merrill Osmond has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million during his long and successful career as a singer, actor, producer, writer, producer and activist for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). For over 20 years he has served as an apostle. He has appeared in movies and TV shows like Cemetery Junction, Harrigan and Mel and Susan Together while writing books and articles published in various popular magazines and websites such as Cemetery Junction, Harrigan and Mel and Susan Together as well as his role as an apostle within that community – all elements necessary for building his net worth!

Merrill Davis Osmond was born April 30th 1953 in Ogden Utah USA and currently works as the lead vocalist and bassist of both The Osmonds (and its country spinoff The Osmond Brothers) as well as touring as a solo artist and performing with both bands simultaneously. Additionally he is working on an album entitled A Tribute to Classic Rock that will soon be released by Osmond himself.

His brothers have helped him sell over 27 gold records together; he co-wrote most of their hits and produced five number one albums, featuring his incredible singing voice that still shows promise well into his 70s. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he remains devoted husband and father.

He is the proud parent of seven children, including twins. Additionally, he is grandfather to eight grandchildren. With his wife and children living in Orem, Utah, they were recently appointed bishop for Osmond Ward there. Additionally, his hobbies include singing and acting while spending quality time with family and serving others.

Marie Osmond is perhaps best-known among The Osmond siblings for her impressive net worth of $20 Million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Marie got her start in music alongside her siblings as part of the Osmond band; later she achieved success as both an actress and host for talk show The Talk.

Jay Osmond was married to Kandilyn Harris and had two children; Jimmy Osmond is a drummer for American Idol’s cast; Wayne Osmond played Virl in Side by Side: The True Story of the Osmonds, has two children of his own, Roslyn Renee and Jason George. Wayne Osmond has appeared in various TV shows as Virl as well as being an active member of Latter-day Saint Church; in addition to authoring three books (including Stages An Autobiography); producers, songwriters and motivational speakers as well as performing on Broadway!

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