Mia Goth Eyebrows

English actress Mia Goth has barely-there eyebrows. She is known for her ghost-like complexion and eerie look. The actress, who has been dating Shia LaBeouf since 2012, is currently starring as the thriller “The Survivist”. She started her career as a model, but she has since made her Hollywood debut in the sci fi adventure ‘High Life’.

Mia Goth was a natural beauty before she made her big screen debut in “Nymphomaniac.” She didn’t use makeup, but she did apply mascara to her eyelashes. Her eyebrows were also not bleached, something that has caused much controversy among her fans. As a child, she felt her eyebrows were too weird, but later she realized that her natural shape made her more attractive.

Mia Goth eats healthy to maintain her beauty. While she admits that she enjoys pizza and bourbon, Mia Goth makes sure she drinks water and applies sunscreen to her skin regardless of the weather. The actress also uses high-end cosmetics like Sisley’s tinted moisturizing moisturizer and Yves Saint Laurent concealer. Her eyebrows are her most prominent part of makeup.

Mia Goth resides in Los Angeles and London. Her birth name is Gypsy Mello Da Silva Goth and she was born in Southwark, London. She is a British-Brazilian actor. She was first spotted in the UK in 2013 in the film Nymphomaniac, which was directed by Danish director Lars von Trier. Previously, she had been living in Brazil, but later moved to the United States.

Mia Goth is a fashion icon and a beloved beauty icon. Her pale skin and light eyebrows reflect her healthy lifestyle and good skincare routine. She never leaves home without her daily moisturizer or sunscreen. She uses a moisturizer by Sisley and Yves Saint Laurent for her makeup. She prefers a natural appearance to makeup. This way, she can avoid using too much makeup.

Mia Goth has been exploring horror films in recent years. Her first role in Lar Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac was as a dreamy final girl. Her unnerving look is both charming and terrifying, making her the perfect choice for horror movies. But she also has a large body of horror filmography, and her goth-esque irises are a classic horror icon.

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