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J Michael Luttig Net Worth & Salary

J Michael Luttig is an American Judge currently working as Senior Vice President & General Counsel of Boeing Company in Richmond, Virginia in the United States. At 65 years old and with an estimated net worth estimated between $1-5 Million at this point in his professional judging career he has amassed his wealth as an estimated net worth. Born in 194 to Christian parents he lives there today as part of the Gemini zodiac sign community in Richmond Virginia United States

He attended Longview High School in Texas before earning a bachelor’s degree at Washington and Lee University in 1976. Following this he went to the University of Virginia School of Law as editor-in-chief of its law review before graduating with his juris doctorate degree in 1981.

After graduating law school, Luttig became close with Chief Justice Warren Burger at the U.S. Supreme Court while working in its Office of Administrative Assistant to the Chief Justice. Additionally, during President Ronald Reagan’s administration he spent one year as associate counsel to White House Counsel Fred F. Fielding while also clerking for U.S.C.A.D. Circuit Judge Antonin Scalia.

After nearly 15 years on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Luttig transitioned into Boeing as Senior Vice President and General Counsel in May 2006. There, his primary focus was patent law issues; during his time with them he gave their in-house legal department an overhaul by hiring top talent such as former Supreme Court clerks such as John Demers (OT 2005/Burger), Grant Dixton (OT 2000/Kennedy), Brett Gerry (OT 2004/Scalia), and Jake Phillips (OT 2014/Scalia).

Michael Luttig made waves on January 6, 2021 when he testified before a congressional committee, testifying live television that he advised then-Vice President Mike Pence against overturning election results from certain states through Congress. This testimony thrust Luttig into national view.

Michael Luttig boasts an impressive educational background and long list of accomplishments, having been married for 30 years with four children under his care. However, his personal life remains private as he often avoids discussing them or what is happening within them. He is an enthusiastic supporter of his kids’ athletic teams and actively involved with fundraising efforts for local leagues. Additionally, he donates regularly to several charities. Finally, he enjoys golf and actively follows the LPGA Tour as he has earned himself a reputation for being a fair and thoughtful judge. He does not tolerate partisanship or hatred and strongly believes in following the law as the best means of governance. Furthermore, he has been an active participant in his church as well as advocating for environmental concerns. Furthermore, he possesses an amazing sense of humor while being friendly towards all. Finally, he works extremely hard, which serves as an inspiration to others.

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