Michael Mcclard

McClard, a San Francisco Art Institute graduate with a BFA (sculpture) in sculpture, moved to New York City in 1973 to revive his interest in painting and visual performances. He also founded the noted artists’support organization Colab and served as its first president. McClard’s paintings are rife with figurative content, while retaining a conceptual element and mining a rich vein of humor.

Micheal McClard is married to Liza Bear, an actress and writer. His son, Sebastian Bear McClard, is an actor and film director. He and Liza McClard met in college and married. In 1981, he had his first one-person show and won the National Endowment for the Arts Award. He exhibited for the next several years and eventually took a break from art.

Bear-McClard owes $120,000 to his former landlord in rent. His NoHo apartment was worth $4900 a month. While the rent controversy drew the ire of fans, the actor’s statement shed light on his background. He is worth $6 million. But he’s been accused of being a privileged upbringing. He has been involved in rent disputes in the past and has been unable pay.

Sebastian Bear-McClard is an actor who married actress Emily Ratajkowski in 2019. They have a net worth of $15 million and live in Los Angeles. Both of the actress’ parents are artists. His mother is a filmmaker and his father is an artist who has exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art. The singer’s father is an artist, who has a solo show in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

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