Michael Pfleger Net Worth

Michael Pfleger Net Worth

Michael Pfleger is an eminent priest and social activist with a vast net worth, known for his tireless fight against racism, poverty and gun violence. Since 1981 he has served as pastor at St Sabina Catholic Church in Chicago’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood; often being suspended due to public comments and activities regarding his pro-Black stance on various social issues.

Pfleger has attracted an impressive following despite his controversial past, receiving many awards and recognition throughout his career. Additionally, he is recognized for his philanthropic efforts, initiating many different community and social programs across his home region of Ohio. It is estimated that Pfleger currently possesses between $1 and 2 Million in net worth.

Pfleger was born in 1949 and ordained for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago in 1975. During that year he spent two summers working in Native American communities in Oklahoma as well as serving as Chaplin at Cook County Jail and Precious Blood Catholic Church on Chicago’s West Side. Though there have been allegations against Pfleger regarding child sexual abuse in 2021 he was ultimately cleared.

He has become one of the city’s most outspoken critics of gun violence, leading annual “peace marches” which draw hundreds of participants – such as Chance the Rapper and survivors from Parkland school shooting. Additionally, he founded and oversaw employment and community services programs for youth, the elderly, and poor.

However, the priest has recently come under scrutiny for his support of Louis Farrakhan from Nation of Islam and vocal opposition of President Trump’s travel ban. Furthermore, he hosted various controversial speeches by Farrakhan at his church.

Pfleger is not only an accomplished priest but is also married and the father of two children. His wife (who remains unknown publicly) has always stood by him during his pursuit for justice and currently resides with them in Chicago.

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