Miguel Berchelt Net Worth

Miguel Berchelt Net Worth

Miguel Berchelt has emerged as one of the leading boxing figures since turning professional in 2010, amassing an impressive record with 37 wins and only one loss across four different weight divisions – becoming champion at three of them, becoming one of the world’s premier lightweight fighters and taking on such superstars as Floyd Mayweather and Gennady Golovkin among many others in his fights – earning over $180 Million along the way.

Mexican boxer Ricardo Torres currently holds the WBC super featherweight championship and has held on to it for four years, giving him plenty of potential to stay active and fight more important opponents which would increase his net worth and raise his income potential.

Named the Little Bull for his powerful punch and ability to use his height against opponents, this young fighter stands out amongst the competition. Fast and with a solid chin that helps absorb punches from opponents alike.

When not engaged in battle, he enjoys spending his time with family and friends. His marriage to his wife has been great; they share a close bond; together, they have an adorable son that fills his days with happiness and pride.

Personally, he remains quite private, not sharing much about his relationships or family on social media. But he’s an incredibly kind individual who contributes significantly to society – donating thousands to charity and helping those most in need. Fans appreciate him immensely for this very reason!

Recently, he was defeated by Namibian fighter Jeremiah Nakathila via round 6 TKO in Las Vegas and consequently lost his championship belt – however there’s still time for him to regain it!

He is widely followed on Instagram with over 100,000 followers, and also boasts acting credits from many movies as well as television appearances in programs like Dancing with the Stars. We hope to see even more from him in future endeavors!

Miguel Angel Berchelt Cervera was born on 17 November 1991 in Cancun, Mexico and currently holds the WBC Super Featherweight Championship and was previously WBO Featherweight Champion. Additionally he holds three Mexican National titles. As a child he helped his mother care for the family before starting boxing professionally at age sixteen after having his dream of becoming a professional footballer denied by Pumas UNAM club that he supported since birth – his fights are always exciting to watch with an impressive knockout percentage making him one of today’s most sought-after fighters globally!

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