My Busy Books

My Busy Books are a unique combination of a book and toy. They have full-page illustrations, a story, and 10 different figurines that your child can play with. The busy books are designed for children ages three and up. While they are a great tool for parents and educators to help children learn and develop, they are not suitable for infants and toddlers.

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep your toddler or preschooler occupied, try one of the many busy books that have multiple functions. Many of them can be used to teach math, numbers, colors, and more. You can also purchase books that include classic games. You can even find books with contrasting images, so you can choose one that suits your child’s interests.

Some “My Busy Books” include figurines and playmats. Some feature popular franchises like Dora the Explorer, Chuggington, The Smurfs, and more. Others feature different characters from Disney and Pixar movies. Another popular line is the Thomas franchise, which features full-page illustrations of the engines. Each book also includes a playmat, figurines, and a Micro Rubber Engine.

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