Myq Business

MyQ Business is an app that can manage and monitor a fleet of vehicles. It can also provide mobile printing services, making it perfect for businesses on the move. This app is originally priced at 2 600 EUR, but now it’s available for free, making it accessible for any business. Here’s how to download it for free and use it for your business.

MyQ Cloud-based solutions provide a highly-customized solution to meet the unique needs of your business. You can control multiple access points with a single device and assign multiple users with different levels of access. It is easy to manage, allowing you to know who is entering and exiting your property. It also provides you with real-time notifications and remote diagnostics. This means that you can address issues before residents know about them. It also provides live video streaming, which gives you a visual overview of all the access points. Moreover, you can log events to provide greater control and traceability.

Another benefit of the myQ app is the ability to control your garage door and home lighting remotely. The application also has a scheduling feature that lets you set times when your garage door and lights will automatically shut. This way, you can make sure your home is secure while you are away. In addition, you can grant limited access to trusted users through the myQ app. You can also create a guest profile to manage guests.

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