Nat Faxon Teeth

Nat Faxon’s crooked teeth have received nearly as much buzz as his acting career, and it’s no wonder why. Fans of the actor often wonder if his teeth are fake or natural. Thankfully, the actor has answered their questions on social media. He also explained why he is grateful for Ben and Kate fans who have expressed concern over his teeth.

Faxon has also opened up about his teeth, and in an August 2016 tweet, he made fun of his crooked choppers. Since then, fans have been split on the matter, and some have argued that he should get them fixed. Others, however, feel that he should keep them that way.

After being asked about his teeth, Faxon responded to comments on Reddit. He explained that he had a crush on a woman when he was younger, and that he cut her mouth open with his teeth. The incident took place after his sister pushed him to kiss another woman, and his wife, Meaghan Gadd, was the victim of the assault.

Nat Faxon’s crooked teeth are a signature of his personality, and he has used them to set himself apart from other celebrities. He has even appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss his teeth. But his crooked teeth have been a subject of debate, and Nat Faxon has had to fight off trolls who want him to fix his teeth.

In 2013, Faxon admitted to kissing a girl. He said that his sister had made him kiss the girl as punishment, and his “large teeth” sliced the female’s mouth. The two dated for several years, and welcomed three children into their home. Since then, they have kept their private lives private.

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