Net Worth Of Howard Hewett

Howard Hewett Net Worth – Age, Wiki, Height, Family, Biography & More

Howard Hewett is an American R&B singer best known as part of Shalamar. Since then he has won multiple awards and accolades throughout his successful career, becoming known for his smooth melodies and impressive vocal performances as well as producing several solo albums he currently tours with to perform for his loyal fan base.

Hewett has earned great acclaim as both an actor and singer, having appeared in various films and television shows. Fans love Hewett as his dynamic stage presence and impressive vocal abilities have won critical acclaim among critics as well as audiences alike.

Hewett has earned many honors and accolades during his 68-year-long career, such as being nominated for a Grammy award and receiving several Soul Train Music awards; moreover, Hewett was recognized with the Legendary Icon award and named one of Billboard magazine’s Top Ten R&B Singers in 2015.

Hewett has been married four times and is father to five children from his four marriages. His first marriage was with Rainey Riley-Cunningham, from whom he has two daughters: LaKiva Siani and Rainey Daze; they divorced in 1983. Mari Molina would later enter his life and ultimately cause them to part ways; Hewett then met actress/singer Nia Peeples who appeared in his music video for “Show Me”. They divorced 1993 but went on to have one more child Christopher Eugene Hewett; with Nia appearing again when Nia Peeples would marrying Angela Hewett as they would give birth. They would go on before divorcing again; before their final union would end with Angela Hewett and final daughter Anissa before parting ways for good.

Hewett’s career has been full of ups and downs. After four decades in music, Hewett remains active as an entertainer today by touring and performing to his dedicated fans. Over this time he has collaborated with artists like jazz pianist Joe Sample, Chaka Khan and La Toya Jackson; Hewett also enjoys great success as a YouTuber with over 626K subscribers on his channel since 2014 when he first uploaded 28 videos through which ads have generated substantial income for Hewett.

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