Net Worth Of Scott Yancey

The Net Worth of Scott Yancey Q

Scott Yanceyq’s net worth is estimated to be $25 million. This fortune stems from his career as a businessman, author, and TV personality. He has made millions through real estate investments and through his show Flipping Vegas.

On the show, he is known for his dry humor and sarcastic wit that often make jokes at the expense of his co-stars. Additionally, he takes part in philanthropy by contributing to organizations that support causes that matter to him personally.

Scott Yancey is an acclaimed American television personality, businessman, real estate investor, and author with a net worth of $25 million. He gained notoriety for his role on the A&E reality series Flipping Vegas where he and his wife attempt to transform dilapidated houses into profitable investments.

Born on July 9, 1969 in Los Angeles County, California, he grew up in Studio City and attended North Hollywood High School. From an early age he developed a keen interest in business and real estate; ultimately choosing to pursue this field as a career.

While still in college, he began working for real estate attorney and investor Walter J. Plumb and assisted him in several significant real estate deals. These included purchasing a 40-unit apartment complex and converting it to condos; then, negotiating land deals that were subdivided into over 3,000 lots; finally, developing retail department stores throughout Las Vegas, Provo, Utah and Tempe, Arizona.

After leaving Plumb’s office, he relocated to Las Vegas and founded the Goliath Company – a real estate brokerage and investment firm. Their services include finding land for entitlement or subsidy programs, investing in properties, and selling them off to major private corporations.

Yancey has also ventured into education, offering seminars on real estate investing to thousands of people around America. Through these events, Yancey hopes to provide aspiring investors with more insight and tips for success in this venture.

He also authored two books about real estate: Go Time in 2012 and Flipping Your Way to Real Estate Profits in 2015. These bestsellers have sold millions of copies worldwide, and he has written articles for numerous renowned publications.

His favorite activities include traveling, reading, playing poker and driving luxury cars. He owns an impressive collection of exotics including Lamborghinis and Ferraris which he takes out for joyrides regularly.

When not busy with his business ventures, Yancey enjoys spending time with his family and pets. He and his wife Amie reside in Las Vegas with their dachshund, Tulula.

They are deeply supportive of one another and enjoy being together as a couple, even with all of the difficulties that come with running a business. Married since 2000, they have three dogs, two horses, and even a mini donkey!

Yancey has been actively involved in several charity events, such as the Real Estate Celebrity Charity Poker Tournament. Additionally, he and his wife donate money to organizations that further causes they are passionate about. Furthermore, they own a vacation home in Malibu, California for personal relaxation.

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