New World Starlight Dye

Starlight Dye and Armor in the New World

The New World is a 17th century RPG that requires players to craft armor and dyes that will stand out from the crowd. This player driven economy makes it difficult for players to set themselves apart from their peers, but dyes and armor are one way to do it. In addition to making your armor more unique, these items will also give you an edge in PvP battles and town-halls in the Aeternum.

There are 12 primary colors in New World, and the colors of these dyes are combined to create more unique varieties. To create a new type of dye, players need three Water and two pigments – either the same or different. The dye recipe you create will require the use of a Tier 2 or Tier 4 Kitchen. Then, the player can apply the dye to items such as armor, clothing, and furniture. The dye can be traded with other players for various items.

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