Nims Purja Net Worth

Nims Purja Net Worth

Nims Purja is a well-known Gurkha and mountaineer. He has an impressive background and is known for many things, including a book on his experience in the death zone. In addition, he has worked as a dentist and is a dentist. Nims Purja net worth is estimated at about $5 million.

Nims Purja is a mountaineer

Nims Purja is a naturalised British mountaineer, who holds several mountaineering world records. Previously, he served with the British Army’s Brigade of Gurkhas and in the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service. Nims Purja was born in Nepal but grew up in the United Kingdom.

Nims Purja is a former Gurkha soldier and Special Forces soldier who has received the MBE. He set out to climb all 8,000-meter mountains in seven months, breaking the previous record of seven years. He has also gained popularity for taking a photograph of the long queue at Everest, which started a debate about the mountain’s overcrowding.

Nims’s most notable achievement came in 2021, when he climbed K2. Until then, the 8,000-meter mountain had not been climbed during the winter. As a result, the climb was viewed as the most difficult and unclaimed feat in mountaineering. As the only person to reach the summit with no oxygen, Nims and his team sang the national anthem of Nepal.

The two have since partnered to create a new company called Nims Dai Ltd. This company brings together commercial clients and mountaineers for various purposes. Nims Purja is also involved in a non-profit called Mountain Philanthropy Limited. Nims Purja is the director of both companies and is responsible for the daily operations.

He is a Gurkha

Nims Purja is a Gurka and a British Army Special Boat Service diver. Born and raised in Nepal, he joined the military at the age of 18 and spent six years as a Gurkha. He then went on to serve 10 years with the UK Special Forces. During his service, Nims developed an interest in mountaineering and became a mountaineer. In 2012, he trekked to the base camp of Mount Everest and went on to summit many other peaks.

Nims Purja is a Gurkhan and a British military veteran who has climbed fourteen of the world’s tallest mountains. He also holds multiple World Records, including double and triple-header mountains. Nims has been awarded the MBE for his efforts and continues to climb the world’s tallest peaks.

In addition to climbing mountains all over the world, Nims Purja has also set his sights on a new record. He has created a campaign called Project Possible, where he plans to climb fourteen of the world’s eight-thousanders in seven months. On 23 April 2019, he climbed the first eight-thousander. Later that month, he will climb the second six-summit phase of “Project Possible 14/7” – with the help of fellow Gurkhas Tensi Kasang and Mingma Gyabu.

Although he developed cerebral edema due to his high altitude climb, Purja’s courage led him to summit three Himalayan peaks. In fact, he broke a record for the fastest ascent of three Himalayan peaks.

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