Nohbo Net Worth 2021

Nohbo Net Worth 2021

Nohbo has seen tremendous growth and expansion since receiving an investment from Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, thanks to their singular-use pod technology for personal care products encapsulation that eliminates plastic bottles while simultaneously decreasing waste production.

Ben Stern first had the idea for Nohbo while watching a documentary on plastic pollution during high school biology class. Soon thereafter he gained recognition as an up and coming entrepreneur in Florida by winning the Governor’s Young Entrepreneur Award. Today Nohbo employs a team of chemists, providing consumers with single use water-soluble shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shaving cream products – truly pioneering the market with innovation!

Nohbo is a startup dedicated to creating the first ever single-use water soluble personal care Drops that eliminate plastic bottle waste while saving the planet. Their packaging contains plant-based film with water soluble components to minimize their environmental footprint; in addition, Nohbo Drops are free from harmful chemicals making them safer for both consumers and the planet.

Nohbo launched their product on Kickstarter in 2015 and met or exceeded its initial $50,000 funding goal by over 200%, exceeding it by more than 200%! Since then, Nohbo has received numerous accolades and awards for its sustainable approach to beauty and personal care; in 2018 alone Nohbo was honored as a Top 50 Eco-Friendly Brand by Green America as well as winning Best New Product from Good Housekeeping Institute Awards.

Nohbo takes an eco-friendly approach while providing quality personal care products at high performance levels. Their products include shampoo, conditioner, body wash and shaving cream that can all be purchased online through Nohbo’s website. Furthermore, Nohbo donates funds to nonprofit organizations working to protect aquatic and avian life from plastic pollution.

Nohbo’s unique product and substantial market opportunity captured the interest of all five Sharks during its pitch. Mark Cuban ultimately agreed to invest $100,000 for 20% equity, providing his expertise and connections in order to help Nohbo flourish.

Nohbo quickly leveraged their success on Shark Tank by securing significant investments, creating new products, expanding operations, obtaining patents, and forging partnerships with hotels and other businesses – achieving significant growth while making an impactful statement about reducing plastic waste globally. The company continues to evolve and improve their offerings as part of their commitment to making an impactful statement about this important cause.

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