Officer Kingery Net Worth

Officer Kingery Net Worth

Officer Kingery is an American police officer and social media influencer known for his humor and ability to entertain audiences online. His videos on TikTok have garnered him an extensive following, while other platforms including Instagram and YouTube also provide opportunities for exposure – and Thin Line Apparel even offers clothing bearing his brand name! With his popularity on social media resulting from being invited to speak at conferences and events across the country.

Officer Kingery has made appearances on television shows and podcasts, written blogs on his website to discuss relevant topics that interest his target audience, been the subject of several news articles and blogs written about him and is an influential voice on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Officer Kingery is not only known for his work in the entertainment industry; he’s also married with two children. Christine, whom he met through Franklin College baseball, inspired him to become a police officer through his undercover detective uncle. They now reside together in Fishers, Indiana.

He quickly earned a following on social media thanks to his humorous videos showcasing everyday police officer life, his dedication to his profession and for shining a positive light into the community. By 2021 he had even become a star on Live PD which helped expand his brand further and expand his popularity even more.

Officer Kingery, though popular on YouTube, has encountered controversy in the past. A video posted by Jessi “Flawless Lawless” Fletcher accused him of sexual assault and harassment as part of Content Violation alongside Kevin Eudy and Scales.

Flawless Lawless made a follow-up video clarifying her claims of sexual assault by either Eudy or Scales; instead she stated it was Officer Kingery who sexually assaulted her; furthermore she noted his TikTok and Instagram accounts had now become unavailable.

Even though he has not been active on social media for quite some time, his fans remain concerned for him. Back in November he issued an apology due to one of his children being in medical treatment and promised he’d return soon; since then he hasn’t returned to TikTok or Instagram; many believe this might be related to controversy; they hope he returns with new content soon and have started an online petition calling on him to do just that which currently has over 16,000 signatures!

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