Ola Ray Net Worth

Ola Ray Net Worth

Ola Ray is an iconic American model and actress best known for her appearance in Michael Jackson’s music video of “Thriller”. Additionally, she has appeared in multiple movies over time as both acting and modeling helped build up a considerable wealth. This article will outline Ola Ray’s net worth and other pertinent details of her career, dating status, background etc.

Ola was born in St. Louis, Missouri on August 26, 1960 (age 63) and numerology has revealed her life path number to be 5. This indicates her search for higher truth, making her very ambitious and driven; which no doubt contributed greatly to her success as a model and actress.

Ray is an extremely attractive woman with stunning body features and captivating eyes. In addition to her natural beauty, she is also a talented singer who has performed in numerous musical productions; winning many awards along the way for her incredible singing ability. Ray has an extremely bright future ahead of her and continues to strive for further success in her career.

Ray is not only known for her singing and acting career; she is also an established model who has done print advertisements for many brands and appeared on the cover of some renowned magazines. While growing up, she lived in Japan due to her father being stationed as part of the US military; during this period was when she first began modeling professionally.

Eddie Arab Modeling Agency signed her up and she started modeling professionally for three years, appearing in many fashion shows and commercials for Japanese department store chain Isetan. Later she relocated to Los Angeles where she continued securing modeling gigs; Playboy magazine featured her as their Playmate of the Month which further increased both her popularity and earnings.

Ray has made appearances in several film including Beverly Hills Cop II and 48 Hrs, in which she made some small film roles. In 2009, she filed suit against Michael Jackson to recover uncollected royalties from “Thriller”, but later settled with his family.

In the 2000s, she fell from public attention until reemerging in 2001 on an episode of “Where Are They Now?”. Subsequently she made several guest appearances on television shows like “I Love the 80’s” and “Never Mind the Buzzcocks.” Between 2019 and 2020 she also appeared in two feature films entitled “It Wants Blood!” and “Shooting Heroin”.

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