Paul Azinger Net Worth

Paul Azinger Net Worth

American professional golfer Paul Azinger has amassed an immense fortune through his successful career. Additionally, he has achieved fame as an outstanding sports commentator and TV personality, amassing numerous great possessions over time. Today he stands as one of the wealthiest celebrities globally; his fame and wealth making him one of the cultural icons and role models to many young people looking for motivation to achieve their own personal goals in life.

Paul Azinger was a 12-time champion on the PGA Tour during his playing days and has become a lead golf analyst for NBC Sports since Johnny Miller retired in October 2018. Prior to NBC Sports, Paul served as lead analyst for ESPN and ABC Sports for 10 years prior to making this transition.

Azinger was born January 6, 1960 in Holyoke, Massachusetts to Ralph Azinger who served in the US Air Force before transitioning into business. Starting golf at five, he quickly developed into an accomplished golfer winning eleven PGA events between 1987 and 1993 – including one major title won against Greg Norman at the 1993 PGA Championship – while being a member of Sarasota Country Club; when not golfing he enjoys boating and fishing.

Sarah Jean Collins and Josie Azinger Mark are his daughters, whom he met while attending Florida State University. Toni, his partner since 1982, currently resides with their children in Bradenton, Florida with the couple being active participants of their church activities.

In 1993, Azinger was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma – a cancer of the lymphs – localized to his right shoulder and subsequently underwent six months of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiation treatments for his illness. Six years later at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville Kentucky in 2008 he led Team USA to victory and captained them to victory!

Paul currently serves as a color analyst for NBC Sports’ coverage of The Open and is known for being both knowledgeable and articulate in his analysis. Fans love Paul because of his great rapport with them – in turn he is known to be very generous when helping others out! He has given an enormous amount of money to charities, made frequent appearances on television programs and hosted many different events. He serves as a great role model for younger generations and earned the respect of all his fellow competitors. Paul Azinger exudes positivity and is revered by his fans. His insightful and articulate commentary have cemented him as the most popular golf analyst on NBC, while his keen sense of humor makes him a valued sportsman and ambassador of sport. Young people can draw great strength from him; his words of advice will encourage them to pursue their goals with diligence.

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