Put I Core On Resume Kelley School Of Business

The Kelley School of Business is known for its I-Core curriculum, which is a block of four courses taken during your junior year. These courses expand on the prerequisites you’ve already taken to get into a business major and require you to work in teams to solve cross-functional business problems. Students who choose the program can count on the I-Core to propel their MBA journey.

Kelley is ranked among the top MBA programs, making it an excellent option for anyone interested in working in a startup. The Kelley School is also one of the first B-schools to offer an online MBA program. Its slogan is “Go from moment to momentum.”

The Kelley School of Business should incorporate a case study on African American inequity in the United States into its curriculum. Furthermore, the school should hire more diverse faculty. Currently, the school has just one black faculty member, and no black administrators or GCS coaches. These are troubling statistics that should be addressed.

Students can choose from 19 majors and minors at Kelley. Students are also required to take a series of courses known as the Kelley Compass, which is considered the DNA of the school’s curriculum. These courses help students develop their skills both in hard and soft ways. The program also teaches students how to create effective teams and develop nuanced individuals.

The Kelley School of Business offers two-year MBA programs that are fully online. The online MBA requires 54 credit hours and is designed to be completed within two years. Students can take up to three courses per quarter. The Kelley School of Business also offers an evening MBA program. This MBA program uses a cohort class structure and focuses on teambuilding.

The Kelley School of Business is a top-tier business school. It has a successful recruiting program. Its unique orientation program helps students develop their career goals, and the school also offers personalized coaching and leadership training. Students are also provided with hands-on work experience and real-world industry projects.

The Kelley School of Business is also ranked highly by alumni. According to the Kelley Experience Survey, Kelley’s undergraduate program is rated second best for soft skills, and the school’s undergraduate program is rated fourth in career preparation. The school’s ranking was also improved from 19th to 11th by P&Q 2022.

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