Ralf Rangnick Has Been A Disaster At Manchester United

Rangnick has failed to create any discernible structure in Manchester United since his arrival last January. Despite his lauded coaching philosophy, his team was consistently disjointed, and Rangnick was unable to impose any kind of system on his players. He has been criticised for not establishing a rapport with the players, which was evident in Rangnick’s performance against Tottenham.

Rangnick has been on the outs at Manchester United, with the club refusing to offer him a permanent role. Instead, he has been spending time in Germany and Amsterdam preparing for the UEFA Nations League fixtures. The new United boss, Louis van Gaal, has not commented on Rangnick’s position with the club. But earlier this week, he said that Rangnick’s position would be entirely dependent on the club.

Rangnick was a stopgap coach who insisted on a high-energy style of play reminiscent of Liverpool. But it didn’t work for United, especially with the signing of the Brazilian superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Rangnick did win his first game at Manchester United, but his team was far from perfect. Rangnick’s players complained of a lack of preparation.

After a disastrous season, the senior players held a meeting with Rangnick and demanded a change of tactics. The manager opted to favour Fred over Pogba in midfield, and the team improved defensively. Though United had some positive results early in the season, the final part of the season saw the club fall further behind.

Manchester United’s poor season has thrown up some controversial issues, including the alleged involvement of former player Mason Greenwood. Greenwood was supposed to be out on bail on April 30 but the police have now requested a further extension. A hearing will be held mid-June. Until then, it will be unclear whether he will be charged with any crimes.

Manchester United’s culture is in crisis and a new manager will have to work hard to change it. The dressing room is a mess and there is no support for the manager. As a result, the new manager must work to clean up the squad and get rid of all the troublemakers. The club’s culture of negativity must be changed.

There are also reports that Steve McClaren is in talks to join Manchester United as an assistant coach. The club has already hired Mitchell van der Gaag, former Ajax assistant, to help with the club’s player development. Both have extensive experience in the sport. The two coaches have also worked together at FC Twente, where they were both assistants to Sir Alex Ferguson.

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