Regular Show Background

Regular Show is a cartoon show that focuses on two comics and bizarre events in their daily lives. It features a variety of characters, from mundane tasks to an interdimensional monster. The series was created by J.G. Quintel, who was previously the creative director of Flapjack. With its unique blend of fantasy and realism, Regular Show is a unique blend of comedy and drama.

The cartoon series focuses on two friends in their early twenties. The first season is a comedy that is 11 minutes long and is animated. The series has also been known as Regular Show in Space during its eighth season. The cartoon is aimed at adults, and the show was previously scheduled to air on TBS in the late 2010s. However, the show premiered on HBO Max in July 2020. Regular Show has also featured a number of familiar characters from Quintel’s previous animated student films. Characters such as Mordecai and Benson were first seen in Mushroom Samba in 2 AM PM and Pops appeared in The Naive Man From Lolliland.

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