Regular Show Box Set

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season is now available on DVD in a three-disc collection. This DVD collection contains all 40 episodes of the cult comedy show. The show is a workplace sitcom and slacker/gamer fantasy that is frequently blown up to epic proportions. With the release of this box set, fans can unwind and watch one of the most enjoyable seasons of the show. Fans of the show will also appreciate the crisp widescreen transfers on this collection.

Regular Show: The Complete Third Season features anamorphic widescreen presentation with 1.78:1 video transfer. This high-definition transfer offers razor-sharp images and solid color values with no signs of compression. Audio quality is also top-notch, with a Dolby Digital English 2.0 stereo mix that is surprisingly deep and full-bodied. Subtitles are also provided in English.

Regular Show is a unique sitcom. It is quirky, sometimes naughty, and a staple of the storytelling genre. The great sitcoms would take the everyday and bring it to the outrageous and make it plausible. Whether live-action or animated, these shows were masterful at taking an everyday situation and making it hilarious.

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