Rich Froning Shoes

The Rich Froning shoe line was created with athletes in mind. Its innovative design incorporates materials from the athletic world into the upper, such as mesh. The shoe is also made with a special traction system and features a bungee lacing system for extra control. Its midsole is made of EVA, which is lightweight and offers traction on varied surfaces.

Froning’s shoes come in two versions: the Froning 1 and the Froning Nano. The former costs $150 while the latter costs $130. Both of these options are limited-edition, but the Froning 1 is a player-exclusive. Despite the higher price tag, Rich Froning’s name is on the shoe, so the 20-cent premium should be worth it.

Rich Froning is a top CrossFit trainer who has developed his own line of shoes. He has been active in the sport since 2010, and has won countless awards in individual and team competitions. Before joining CrossFit, he was a baseball player. As you can see, the designer has a lot of passion for the sport and the shoes he designs.

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