Rich Rebuilds Leenda

Rich Benoit, a YouTube car enthusiast and the founder of Rich Rebuilds, is a popular figure in the auto repair community. He started as a car vlogger and later went on to create a YouTube channel devoted to his automotive work. Benoit has a passion for cars, and his videos about his car repairs are popular among EV enthusiasts.

Rich Rebuild has a loyal following on YouTube. He posts videos about autos and has over 867 thousand subscribers. He started broadcasting videos in 2014, and is located in the USA. While he has not officially confirmed his relationship with the public, his web value is estimated to be around $1 million.

Leenda is also passionate about helping brands build their brands. Her experience and intelligence enable her to create engaging and profitable campaigns for her clients. Moreover, she is dedicated to being an influencer and role model for people of all ages. As a 2x survivor of suicide, she advocates for awareness of suicide, substance abuse, and diabetes.

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