Rob Machado Net Worth

Rob Machado is an Australian professional surfer who is estimated to be worth between $1 and $5 million. His career in surfing is a large source of income, but he also has a number of other sources of income. For example, he hosts a surfing competition at his home reef every year, where he also offers demo sessions to the public. Additionally, he has portrayed himself in an animated movie called Surf, which was released in 2007.

Rob Machado’s net worth is based on publicly available information, and is likely to fluctuate depending on several factors. For example, if Rob Machado is making a certain amount of money on Instagram each day, his net worth will likely fluctuate greatly. Moreover, if he is earning a certain amount of money on Facebook, his net worth could be much lower than it appears to be.

Despite the fact that he is a professional surfer, Rob Machado is also a husband, father, and blogger. He and his wife Sophie Vilardo have a son, Jaxton. Although he has an impressive net worth in surfing, his personal life is relatively simple.

Rob Machado was inducted into the surfing walk of fame in Huntington Beach, California in 2011. He has been sponsored by Hurley for the majority of his career, but the brand cutbacks forced him to part ways with the company in 2019. He now runs the Rob Machado Foundation to help protect the oceans.

Rob Machado is an Australian-American professional surfer. He was born in Sydney on October 16, 1973. His family lives in Encinitas, California. His net worth is estimated at $4 million. The sport is his main source of income, and he also has a girlfriend.

Rob Machado is an Australian-born professional surfer who grew up in San Diego. He is a member of the Surfing World League and has been surfing for over twenty-five years. He has even appeared in several feature films since his debut. Most recently, he starred in Compassing (2013).

In addition to surfing, Machado has worked in several fields. He has co-written books, played a major role in a surfing competition, and acted in several films. In 2009, he appeared in the film The Drifter, which starred Blake Lively. He has also created the Rob Machado Foundation, which supports environmental causes.

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