Rob Mariano Net Worth

Rob Mariano Net Worth – How Much Is Rob Mariano Worth?

Known as the “Boston Rob” by fans, Rob Mariano is a reality star with several appearances on Survivor. He has earned a lot of fame and money on this show. While appearing on the show, he has won several cash prizes, including a $1 million prize for Survivor: Redemption Island.

Rob is of Italian ancestry. He has been active in the television industry for the past two decades. Besides participating on Survivor, he has also appeared on various other TV shows. Among the shows he has been involved in are The Amazing Race, The Player, Around the World in 80 Days and The Campaign Boston.

When he was young, Mariano was heavily involved in sports. In 1995, he was a member of the Boston University hockey team. Later on, he was a head coach for the college’s inline hockey team. He was a fan of the Boston Red Sox. He is a fan of the New England Patriots as well. During his high school years, he played tennis and golf.

After graduating from Xaverian Brothers High School, Mariano attended Boston University to study psychology. He enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in this field. At the same time, he worked in construction. Eventually, he got a job in a production company. This was where he met Amber Brkich, who was working on Survivor. They began dating in 2003. On April 16, 2005, they married in the Bahamas. Their wedding was filmed as a two-hour special on CBS.

Rob and Amber have four daughters together. Their marriage has been a success. Currently, the couple lives in Pensacola, Florida, where they attend a Catholic church. They have been together for 15 years, and they are still going strong.

When he is not on the set of a TV show, Rob Mariano enjoys fishing. Aside from that, he loves to play cards. Fortunately, he has a talented friend in professional poker player Daniel Negreanu. Moreover, he is a big fan of the Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots.

In addition to his success on Survivor, Mariano has also won a number of other awards. Specifically, he was named the best player of all time on Survivor by Jeff Probst. Additionally, he was also named the runner-up on Survivor: All-Stars.

He has earned a lot of money on the show, and this is what has helped him become rich. He has a house worth approximately $500 thousand in Florida. Moreover, he has multiple sources of income, including appearances on other TV shows, books, and projects. Currently, he earns around $100,000 a year. Nevertheless, he is considered one of the richest and most popular reality stars in the world.

Despite his success, he remains very humble and modest. He prefers to lead a moderate lifestyle. Throughout his career, he has managed to avoid any scandals, and this has helped him build his name and fame. Nonetheless, he has a long way to go in his career.

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