Robert Culp Net Worth

Robert Culp Net Worth

Robert Culp was an American actor, screenwriter, voice artist and director renowned for his roles as secret agent Kelly Robinson on the spy television series I Spy and FBI agent Bill Maxwell on the comedy drama series The Greatest American Hero. With a career spanning over 50 years, Culp is best known for his roles as secret agent Kelly Robinson on I Spy and FBI agent Bill Maxwell on The Greatest American Hero.

He made several guest appearances on television shows such as Everybody Loves Raymond, where he played Warren Whelan. Additionally, he guest-starred on numerous other series and films throughout his career.

His first major role was in 1957 CBS Western Trackdown, where he played Ranger Hoby Gilman. This role helped boost his net worth and paved the way for him to become an established actor with roles in multiple television series and movies over time.

In the 1960s, he was cast in several live-action TV series such as NBC anthology series The Barbara Stanwyck Show and Civil War drama The Americans. Additionally, he featured in several telefilms such as A Cold Night’s Death and We’ve Got a Problem.

He was a popular guest star on Columbo, appearing in four episodes over 17 years beginning with Death Lends a Hand. Additionally, he had two other recurring appearances on the show – The Most Crucial Game and Double Exposure.

He made his television debut as Dr. Bart Keppel, one of the murderers on Columbo; it marked his first time ever portraying a murderer on the show. Additionally, he had recurring roles on I Spy Returns and Everybody Loves Raymond where he co-starred as Warren Whelan – Ray Barone’s father-in-law.

Culp was a devoted family man, having four previous marriages. He was married to Elayne Caroll from 1951 until 1956, Nancy Ash from 1957 until 1966, France Nuyen from 1967 until 1970 and Sheila Sullivan from 1971 until 1981; all divorced before his remarrying Candace Faulkner in 1981.

Culp was known for his busy career, yet kept his personal life private. He had a history of sexual affairs with various actresses; however, none of these relationships ever culminated in marriage.

He was a member of the National Honor Society and student leader at his high school, yet failed to graduate. During his teen years, he drew cartoons for magazines and worked as a freelance writer.

Culp dedicated himself to learning the acting craft in his spare time, studying from renowned directors such as John Ford and John Huston. Aside from acting work, he had a successful voice artistry career which culminated in narrating video games for various companies.

His voice work includes Halcyon Renard in Disney’s adventure cartoon Gargoyles, Doctor Breen in Half-Life 2 computer game and the narrator of Eminem’s 1999 music video “Guilty Conscience”.

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