Robert Jeffress Net Worth

Robert Jeffress Net Worth

Robert Jeffress Net Worth: $124 Million

Robert Jeffress is an American pastor, radio host, and author renowned for his TV show “Pathway to Victory”, which airs on over 1,200 stations nationwide. Additionally, he hosts multiple radio programs and has penned 27 books.

He is an ordained Southern Baptist minister and senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. With over three decades in the ministry, his congregation has grown to 14,000 members.

Jeffress is a devout Christian who adheres to Jesus Christ’s teachings and belongs to the Southern Baptist denomination. Additionally, he supports President Trump and frequently speaks at his campaign events.

Robert Jeffress is a well-known pastor, radio host, and has appeared on multiple talk shows including Fox News. He’s known for his controversial views regarding religion and politics as well as statements he’s made regarding Catholics, Muslims, and gays alike.

He is estimated to have a net worth of $124 million, which he earned through his work as a Religious Leader. Married and the father of two daughters with his wife Amy Lyon Renard, he enjoys an affluent lifestyle.

The former Card Sharks contestant is a passionate husband and loving father to his two daughters, Julia and Dorothy. However, he prefers to keep his personal life private, rarely making public appearances with his family in public.

In 2010, Jeffress made some controversial statements about Islam, declaring it to be an “evil, evil” faith that promotes pedophilia. He further added that Roman Catholicism is a “Babylonian mystery” religion which leads to satanic deeds.

Jeffress has consistently supported President Donald Trump despite his controversial views, endorsing him in multiple political campaigns and opposing efforts to impeach the president.

He is a renowned evangelical leader and senior pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas, an 114,000 member megachurch in Dallas. With over three decades of ministry experience under his belt, he has become an engaging radio and TV host as well.

His church boasts a budget of $65 million, the highest in Texas. He has invested millions of dollars into remodeling and building the facility.

Jeffress has authored a number of bestselling books, such as Faith on the Crossroad (1989), Clutter-Free Christianity: What God Desires for Your Life 2009 and When Forgiveness Doesn’t Make Sense 2001.

Jeffress is one of the best-selling authors worldwide, having written 27 books and amassed a net worth of over 17 million from publishing royalties.

He’s also featured on the syndicated game show “Card Sharks,” where he earned $4000 per week. Furthermore, he owns several real estate properties throughout Texas, such as a large house in Dallas and another residence near San Antonio.

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