Ryan Shazier Net Worth

Ryan Shazier Net Worth

Ryan Shazier is an American football player. He is a native of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, and was born on September 6, 1992. At the age of thirty, he has played two years in the National Football League for the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his career, he has appeared in every regular season game. He has also played in the Pro Bowl in 2016.

In his first year in the NFL, he was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round. He signed a four-year contract for $9.5 million. That was more than the average signing bonus for a linebacker. The signing bonus helped to make up part of his bank account.

As a rookie, Shazier started three games for the Steelers. He made 15 tackles against Penn State. On September 10, 2017, he tied a career high with 11 solo tackles. Moreover, he forced a career-high of two forced fumbles. And he has also made 24 pass deflections.

On May 2, 2018, he was placed on the reserve/PUP list. Eventually, he would return to the field in the fall of 2019. After recovering from his injury, he was able to start all 12 games in his second season. However, he missed the following two seasons because of injuries.

Since then, he has had to deal with a back injury. He had to go through multiple rehabilitation procedures. Luckily, he regained his mobility in his legs after rehab. Interestingly, he has also been diagnosed with alopecia, which means that his hair stopped growing.

He has a total of seven interceptions and 22 pass deflections in his career. It is also worth noting that he has a zodiac animal of Monkey. During his college career, he attended Ohio State. Interestingly, he has a bachelor’s degree in special education.

He has endorsement deals with some of the best brands in the world. His favorite car is a Porsche, which costs $66,800. But he also has two other luxury cars.

Shazier has also been awarded an Ed Block Courage Award. When he was a child, he had to deal with ridicule because of his alopecia. Ultimately, he developed a philanthropic mindset in order to fight against taunts. He even wrote about alopecia when his hair began to regrow.

A former linebacker, Ryan Shazier is a talented American football player. He has been a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers for most of his career. For his efforts, he has earned a $4 million net worth as of 2019. He has also played in the Pro Bowl. He is married to Michelle Brown. Currently, they have one child, Leon Carter. This makes the pair a proud parents. They also share a strong love bond.

Before retiring from the NFL, Shazier had already played a significant role in two Super Bowl victories. He was named to the first team All-Big Ten Team in 2013. With his impressive college career and his success in the NFL, Ryan Shazier is sure to continue to make fans happy.

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