Sal Mineo Net Worth

Sal Mineo Net Worth – How Much Is Sal Mineo Worth?

Sal Mineo was an American actor best known for his portrayal of John Plato Crawford in Rebel Without a Cause, though he also appeared in other movies and television shows. Born January 10th in The Bronx of New York City of Sicilian descent – Sal was tragically stabbed by a mugger on February 12, 1976 aged 37 years.

Mineo made tremendous achievements during his short life. Though his untimely death was a shock to both friends and family alike, his legacy lives on forever through an impressive body of work he left behind. Thanks to careful investing and wise spending decisions before his passing, Mineo was able to amass an impressive fortune that will provide for both his loved ones as well as himself in afterlife care needs.

Mineo had previously been nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in Exodus, and his performance was truly moving. Deserved or not, Mineo was an incredible actor who had many projects planned – from musical concerts and theatre plays to working as an advocate against cancer.

At just 37 years old when he passed away, it is impossible to know the full potential of what else he could have accomplished during his lifetime. Not only was his death tragic for his loved ones and friends alike; we will never know the great feats this talented actor may have accomplished had he not been taken so young from us all.

As a child, Mineo struggled with drug abuse and an unpredictable temper. He was kicked out of parochial school at eight, joined a Bronx street gang at twelve, and even though his mother enrolled him in dancing classes by 14 (soon after his arrest for robbery), was given the choice between juvenile confinement or acting school – ultimately opting for juvenile detention as his fateful decision.

After appearing in several television programs and movies, Mineo made his big screen debut in 1955 Joseph Pevney film Six Bridges to Cross. Subsequently, he earned an Academy Award nomination for Exodus; also acting in both P.S. Your Cat Is Dead productions in New York and Los Angeles respectively; in 1972 engaged to actress Jill Haworth but they never married; later dating actor Courtney Burr III for six years as well as many relationships with men before being fatally stabbed by pizza deliveryman with whom Mineo had history of violent behavior; Mineo died after an encounter on February 12th 1976 by a pizza deliveryman known for violent behavior who had previously had made deliverys despite all precautionary measures taken against him to prevent it happening again.

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