Sam Kinison Net Worth

Sam Kinison Net Worth

Sam Kinison was an esteemed stand up comedian born December 8, 1953 in Yakima, Washington. Among the first comics to take “comedy of hate” into an arena-sized setting, Kinison often caused trouble with television censors due to his provocative approach. Tragically, Kinison’s life was marred by tragedy; at age three he was hit by a truck and just six days before performing at a casino in Laughlin Nevada he died suddenly from car crash related complications.

Kinison first made an impactful impactful debut during Rodney Dangerfield’s comedy showcase on HBO in 1985, using his sharp humor and trademark scream to capture audiences and quickly gain popularity. Soon enough he was performing on popular shows such as Late Night with David Letterman and Saturday Night Live while also releasing a successful comedy album entitled Louder than Hell and appearing briefly in one of Dangerfield’s films called Back to School.

As Kinison’s fame increased, so did his appetite for women and drugs. He would often drink heavily and engage in affairs with female celebrities such as Penny Marshall and Beverly D’Angelo; at times he even feuded with fellow comedians such as Bobcat Goldthwait and Whoopie Goldberg. Over time however, Kinison began to scale back partying and drug use so as to focus more on his acting career.

Though Kinison made guest appearances on other television programs, he finally got his own sitcom in 1991 with Charlie Hoover. Although only short-lived, this revived interest in him and put him on track towards making a comeback; Kinison’s unique combination of brash humor and signature scream made an ideal combination for this role.

Kinison struggled with alcohol and drug abuse throughout his career and was arrested several times, leading to bans from working at Los Angeles Comedy Store unless he entered rehabilitation following a drunken rampage. Kinison also had an extended relationship with Malika Souiri (with whom he married in 1992 before their union dissolving just six days prior to his car accident death).

Kinison was also an accomplished musician, performing guitar in his act and even covering some songs by Troggs’ hit song, “Wild Thing.” However, reports in 2011 suggested he fathered a child with Carl LaBove, later confirmed by DNA testing; after which, Kinison paid child support payments until her lawsuit against him was dropped by Toronto Sun despite claims she could get part of his settlement payout; even with all this drama surrounding him though – Kinison is considered one of the greatest comedians of all time; his unique and provocative style will be missed by many fans of comedy alike.

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