Saudia Shuler Net Worth 2021

Saudia Shuler Net Worth 2021

Saudia Shuler’s 2021 net worth can be best described as committed to giving back to her community through giveaways, events and toy drives for kids. She has also established herself as a successful business owner with her restaurant Country Cookin at Fresh Grocer on 4160 Monument Road attracting people worldwide for its delicious soul food dishes and merchandise line sold both within her restaurant as well as online.

Shuler may have earned accolades, but she should not be seen as a folk hero; she is an admitted thief who stole money from taxpayers to fund lavish parties such as last year’s themed around Black Panther movie featuring an actual caged panther. On Wednesday she pleaded guilty to fraud and will spend six months under house arrest and three years probation before facing justice for fraud charges. Shuler claims her lavish parties provided respite from poverty and violence in her neighborhood.

Shuler, owner of North Philadelphia takeout restaurant Country Cookin and mother to one son with various health scares over three years — such as stroke and thyroid cancer — was inspired to host these lavish events to help her son and his friends overcome traumas they’ve faced themselves.

She claimed she did not use government disability funds for these parties, which cost up to six figures, yet prosecutors assert that from 2014-18 while running her restaurant, Shuler reported being unable to work and collected millions in disability benefits she did not deserve.

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