Scott Hatteberg Net Worth

Scott Hatteberg Net Worth

If you love to watch Major League Baseball, then you might be interested in knowing more about former baseball player Scott Hatteberg. He was born on December 14, 1969, in Salem, Oregon. During his career, Scott earned over $13 million.

In his professional playing career, he played for Boston Red Sox (1995-2008), Cincinnati Reds (2006-2008), and Oakland Athletics (2002-2005). Scott also worked as a color commentator for the Oakland A’s during the 2012-2013 season.

Scott Hatteberg is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Besides his baseball career, he also did scouting on both the pro and amateur sides. It is said that Scott enjoys finding the right player for a position. And he likes to assess how a player will fare in the next five years.

When he was young, he would play Little League and American Legion Baseball. In 1990, he was selected to participate in the Baseball World Cup for the U.S. The team won all three tournaments. He also won the MLB Player of the Week Award twice.

After his professional baseball career, Scott pursued a coaching career. His first position was in the Washington State University baseball team. For the team, he served as captain. He graduated from Eisenhower High School in Yakima, Washington.

Besides his career in baseball, he is also an avid fly fisherman and a guitar player. Although he prefers keeping his personal life out of the public spotlight, he has a wife and three children.

Scott Hatteberg’s net worth is estimated at $10 million. This includes his salary and bonuses. Scott is a member of the Sagittarius sign, which means that he is considered to have a high level of intelligence.

Scott’s salary with the Cincinnati Reds is $750,000. He had a pay dispute with the team but was denied. During his career, he has won the Pac-10 North three times. Also, his on-base percentage was.355.

Scott Hatteberg has three daughters. Elizabeth is his wife. They have three children, and they live in Gig Harbor, Washington. Scott and Elizabeth met when they attended Washington State University. Despite their marital status, they are not currently dating.

During their marriage, the couple has lived in Gig Harbor, WA. Elizabeth Hatteberg is also a professional actress. She has appeared in the movie adaptations of Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball. Her nickname is “Bitsy”.

As for Scott’s current net worth, it has been estimated at $10 million. However, his future earnings can increase in 2021 and 2022. His total assets are estimated at $15 million, and his lifestyle will also be a major source of his income.

Throughout his career, Scott Hatteberg has accumulated a total of 34 home runs. He hit a grand slam in the next at-bat. He is also the first person to hit a triple play in the Major Leagues.

Scott is also a fan of scouting. He likes to assess the players and evaluate their place in the league. Moreover, he is a fan of helping people.

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