Shanna Moakler And Travis Barker Wedding

Moakler and Barker were married late at night. The ceremony featured an Elvis impersonator. Moakler and Barker are not engaged, and she is not likely to marry her current boyfriend in Vegas. However, the wedding will be an event worth celebrating for fans of The Kardashians, which will debut on Hulu on April 12.

The couple’s engagement is not a secret – the pair got engaged in the Rosewood Miramar in Santa Barbara. They have shared many Instagram photos, including one of their engagement rings. The couple also attended the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, where they shared a kiss on the red carpet. The couple later got engaged at the Rosewood Miramar, where they exchanged vows. Travis’ ex, Khloe Kardashian, congratulated the couple for their new marriage.

Other celebrities, including Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, attended the wedding. The couple were engaged in October 2021. They announced their engagement via Instagram. They even shared photos of the proposal on the California beach. Barker’s team attended the wedding, and security personnel were present at ceremony. The wedding was intimate but the couple had a security team as well as a group of friends to make sure everything went smoothly.

Kourtney Kardashian married Travis Barker in a lavish Las Vegas wedding on April 4, 2022. A celebrant dressed up as Elvis Presley performed their vows. The ceremony was a cliché Vegas-themed affair. An Elvis Presley impersonator officiated the ceremony. The ceremony lasted just 15 minutes and the couple clearly fell in love.

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