Shira Barlow

It’s a known fact that the aspiring actress lost her cell phone on Valentine’s Day. It was accidentally dropped in the toilet, and she never found it. The number was transferred to her cell phone company. Her new number was once owned by Paris Hilton, but phone companies often reassign old numbers. Since then, she’s been getting phone calls and text messages from a number she never had.

Paris Hilton’s former student at UCLA got Paris Hilton’s old number when she accidentally dropped her Motorola Razr in the bathroom at a Valentine’s Day party. There were many erroneous calls she received, including requests to join guest lists at nightclubs. The calls started between two and four a.m. on the weekends, and the callers refused to believe they were talking to a college student. Paris’s nicknames became her speed dial.

Paris Hilton’s phone was still being used by Shira Barlow after the incident. Paris Hilton’s Blist friends did not rate Shira Barlow’s new cell number. In addition to receiving calls from friends, Barlow also received condolence calls after being sentenced to jail. Apparently, people were scared for Paris Hilton and were trying to reach her. In fact, there were hundreds of people who had Paris Hilton’s old cell phone number.

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