Skyrim Taking Care Of Business

Taking Care of Business is a quest in Skyrim that involves collecting debts from several business owners. Players can choose which debtors they want to collect and in what order. Once they have collected two debtors in a row, the last debtor will give in and pay. Taking Care of Business is a part of the A Chance Arrangement quest, which can be started from Riften Market. To complete the quest, players must travel to a cavern in Riften Market. The quest does not initiate on Xbox 360, so the player will need to travel to it.

The Taking Care of Business questline is interesting, and there are a lot of different quests to choose from. This quest is not difficult, but you will need to use intimidation to complete it. Luckily, a Thieves Guild Walkthrough Guide is available to help you complete this questline.

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