Sonic Birthday Shirt

Personalized birthday shirts make great gifts for little boys. If you have a boy in your life, you can purchase a personalized 5 Year Old Sonic Birthday Shirt for him. Besides the birthday boy’s name, you can customize the shirt with any design your child may want. The shirt is made from cotton-like polyester so that the print doesn’t fade. The shirt is great for birthday parties and other celebrations.

This super-cute blue hedgehog’s t-shirt will make the perfect birthday gift. Your little boy will love this shirt! This shirt will perfectly fit the birthday theme. It’s made of cotton with an easy-to-iron transfer. After purchase, the digital file will be sent to you. The shirt features the iconic image of the blue hedgehog. Sonic can reach super-speed when playing baseball by himself. This creates an electromagnetic pulse that knocks out power in the Pacific Northwest. To solve this problem, the United States Department of Defense enlists roboticist and scientific genius Dr. Robotnik to track down Sonic.

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