Square Neck Ruched Top

How to Find the Perfect Square Neck Ruched Top

A square neck ruched top is one of the hottest trends right now, but where do you find the right style for you? These are the questions to ask yourself if your goal is to rent or buy the perfect square neck top. Let us help you out with our tips for finding the perfect square neck ruched top. Read on to discover more! Listed below are some of the top styles for spring and summer.

Not for sale

The Not for sale square neck ruched shirt is the season’s must-have layering piece. The modern look of this shirt is the ruching along its side seams and long sleeves. It can be worn alone or layered with its body-skimming shape. The ruching on the sleeve caps and cuffs are especially striking. No matter what you wear, a ruching top will make your look stunning.

Not for purchase

This solid textured square neck, short-sleeve top has ruching at shoulders. Made of unlined, woven fabric, it’s lightweight and comfortable. Its V-neckline makes the garment flattering for all body types. The fabric’s solid texture is soft and comfortable. Ruching at the shoulders adds a flirty touch. This piece also comes in black.

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