Steven Martini Net Worth

Martini holds a bachelor of accounting from Rowan University and has extensive experience with bookkeeping, tax filings and preparation. Additionally, he assists clients in business registration filings as well as tax return e-filings.

Derick has co-written numerous screenplays with his brother, including Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire which won the Toronto International Film Festival Discovery award and Lymelife developed at Sundance Institute’s Filmmaker Labs with critical acclaim.

Early Life and Education

After graduating college, Martini worked as a reporter for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. This position allowed him to combine his love of writing with legal news and information.

In 1974, Martini began private practice and appeared before both state and federal courts. Additionally, he served as legislative representative of the State Bar of California as well as special counsel to their State Victims of Violent Crime Program.

Martini first published The Simeon Chamber in 1987 and four years later followed it up with Compelling Evidence which introduced Paul Madriani into his series and became a national bestseller. Subsequent titles in this series included Prime Witness, Undue Influence and The Judge.

Martini has not only published literary work but is also known for creating two network miniseries based on his books: Undue Influence and The Judge. With brother Derick he co-wrote two film scripts including Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire which received the Toronto International Film Festival Discovery Award.

Professional Career

Steven Martini offers extensive accounting expertise, serving a diverse clientele with advisory services. Furthermore, his network of business contacts allows him to offer valuable insight and connections for his private firm clients.

In 2023, Los Angeles Business Journal recognized him as one of their Top Advisors. Additionally, he belongs to ProVisors- a networking community for trusted advisory professionals- which makes up one of his networks of professional colleagues.

Martini earned an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz before going on to obtain a law degree at University of the Pacific’s McGeorge School of Law. An award-winning author of twelve novels featuring popular legal thriller protagonist Paul Madriani (eight featuring him exclusively). Additionally, Martini co-wrote Lymelife: an autobiographical movie which recounted experiences from his and his brother Derick’s childhoods.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Martini is one of the best-known legal thriller authors today. His novels have won critical acclaim and gained him an avid following – especially those featuring attorney Paul Madriani as their protagonist.

Martini has also worked extensively in film and television. Together with his brother Derick, they co-wrote screenplays for Major Payne and Lymelife as well as acting in their first feature film Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire.

Martini has written several stand-alone novels as well as the Paul Madriani series. Although currently living in Washington state, much of his time is spent traveling around Latin America and Southeast Asia gathering research and inspiration for future works. Additionally, his keen understanding of American legal procedures helps give his books a realistic feel.

Personal Life

Steven Martini is an author and film producer best known for his role as Cadet Alex Stone in Major Payne. Additionally, he co-wrote both Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire and Lymelife (both films based on experiences from their authors’ childhoods).

Dr. Jones is also the author of several New York Times bestselling novels such as Compelling Evidence, Trader of Secrets, The Rule of Nine, Guardian of Lies and Shadow of Power – in addition to two network mini-series: Undue Influence and The Judge.

Martini is also an accomplished commercial real estate broker and developer with offices in San Diego and Denver. A member of numerous professional and community organizations, he is married with two children. An avid sports fan who also enjoys fishing and hunting.

Net Worth

Steven Martini brings over 25 years of professional real estate management, sales, and leasing experience across the western United States. A member of various professional and community organizations, Steven is also known for supporting various local and national charities with donations of his time and energy.

Co-writing credits include Smiling Fish and Goat on Fire and Lymelife – both films receiving Toronto International Film Festival Discovery Awards – along with his brother Derick who wrote other screenplays such as Louis, which explores their involvement in helping Louis Armstrong obtain his first trumpet.

Martini first began writing fiction during the mid-1980s. His novel Compelling Evidence introduced attorney Paul Madriani and its subsequent sequels; all three books made New York Times Bestseller lists at various points during their publication process. Furthermore, Martini created two network mini-series, Undue Influence for CBS and The Judge on NBC respectively.

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