Supa Cent Net Worth

Supa Cent Net Worth

Supa Cent is a social media star and beauty expert. She has amassed a huge following on her Instagram account, with over two million followers. But before her popularity took off, she worked in low-paying jobs, as a waitress, and in the kitchen.

After finding fame on The Vine, she launched her own cosmetics line, which has been a hit. During the first two hours of Cyber Monday in 2018, she generated $1 million in sales for the brand. In addition, Supa earned a tidy sum from her YouTube channel with over 190k subscribers.

Supa, or Raynell Steward, was born in Louisiana and raised by her mother. Her father was absent. Although her mother raised her and her sister, Supa had to struggle in school due to bullying. For a while, she thought she was going to be a singer. But when she entered college, she chose to study business administration. However, she never gave up. Instead of pursuing a career as a singer, she became a comedian.

Supa has a lot of money in her real estate portfolio. She recently purchased a large mansion in Florida for $2.6 million. It’s expected that her net worth will reach at least $5 million in 2020. Aside from that, she has a sizable salary from her work.

While she is known for her honesty, Supa has also had a few failed relationships. Previously, she was engaged to a man named Lou, but he cheated on her. She also had a relationship with a rapper named Sage the Gemini. They broke up for unknown reasons.

Supa has two children from her previous relationship. She is currently dating Rayzor. The two met on social media. Supa said that she fell in love with Rayzor’s easy-going personality. However, the couple decided to separate in early 2019.

Supa Cent was once married to Lou. But the couple broke up after he began cheating on her. She has a child with Lou, and is expecting another. She has also dated Sage the Gemini, but they broke up for unknown reasons.

As a beauty enthusiast, Supa enjoys using makeup. She is known to use a variety of make-up, mainly after-school products. According to her, the products are themed after school supplies.

Known for her frankness and storytelling skills, Supa has captivated audiences and has built an empire from her videos. Even though she has failed with men, she is able to find happiness and success with her business. That’s why she has such a high net worth. If she continues to do what she does, her net worth could be even higher.

When Supa started her business, she was struggling to pay for her family’s living expenses. But she worked hard to get ahead. Today, she owns a huge real estate portfolio and a successful makeup business. Considering the popularity of her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube account, she should be able to earn a fortune. So, if you are interested in learning more about Supa, check out her net worth below!

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