Tescom Regulator

The TESCOM(tm) PH1600 Series Single Stage Regulator is designed for high purity gases and offers a compact design. It is perfect for reducing high pressure gases in storage cylinders to an operating pressure within a safe range. It can also be used for calibration gas applications and includes an integrated relief valve.

The regulators by Tescom are designed for gas or liquid media and can withstand inlet and outlet pressures of up to 15,000 psi. These products are perfect for applications requiring remote actuation and oil path control. They also come with a cable clamp and mating electrical plug connector.

When purchasing a Tescom regulator, it is important to choose the correct model for the particular needs and environment. The range of Tescom regulators is vast, with each having unique compatibilities, settings, and uses. Each one serves a different industry and media requirements. Hence, it is important to pick the correct one based on the build and technical name.

TESCOM regulators are renowned for their quality and efficiency. Their high-quality design allows them to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. With their patented piston sensing technology, the regulators can be used in harsh environments such as high-pressure applications. These products can also be used in laboratories, research facilities, and calibration equipment.

The TESCOM 54-2800 Series Pressure Regulator has a low internal volume, a threadless design, and high-purity tie-diaphragm. It is ideal for applications requiring high flow and low-pressure purging systems. It also has a hardened stainless steel seat, which increases its resistance to wear.

The SG 2 Series Two Stage Regulator is designed for industrial settings and is ideal for flammable and specialty gases. It is also compact and lightweight. This high-purity regulator is ideal for applications that require precision measurement. Whether you’re in the metal fabrication industry, or in the laboratory, it is the perfect regulator for your needs.

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